EU flights grounded for purely political reasons

Iceland volcanic ash cloud: a bogus excuse

Pilots and airline Directors are scratching their heads as to why EU airspace has been closed for no good reason.  Airline CEOs have been flying around in their 747’s wondering why there is absolutely no problem, and why the EU government doesn’t listen when they tell them the air’s lovely up here. Meanwhile, British Airways in particular is losing a million pounds an hour, and it cost the UK economy 1.5 billion in the first 4 days.

Aviation experts wonder why all flights are banned, when the ash cloud is all above 20,000 feet, superbly mapped, and pilots can fly around it – with far better information than they have to fly around thunderstorms every day.  So in the worst case a trip across the pond to the USA might involve staying below 20,000 ft for the first 500 miles, then climbing to 37,000 ft as usual.

Students of the Bilderbergers or the NWO, however, know exactly what it is.  It is NWO/EU military manoevres to see if they could shut down the airspace for 5 days as they did in the USA, when they used 9/11 as the excuse, adding a year to the recession there.

Closing airspace is deliberate sabotage of our economy by our corrupt governments, who are public enemy No.1.  It will take a little time for the military reasons to become obvious, but it has got the airlines used to accepting orders from the EU dictatorship, and the NWO now knows how many weeks it must shut our airspace for to destroy our economies completely, and has tested and proved it has the power to do so.

This test was necessary, because under our written British Constitution, the laws and edicts of the EU are illegal, so it needed to check that its illegal edicts were obeyed throughout the EU.

(And if you believe the British Constitution is unwrittten, you have fallen for a successful EU Frankfurt School subversion technique. See )

See this link for the confused bewlderment of airline CEO’s:


9 Responses to “EU flights grounded for purely political reasons”

  1. Anti Oligarch Says:

    Wow thank you Sir!

    I’m being called all sorts of names for saying that this is just another hoax a scam to get us used to movement restriction and to blame the brave Icelanders for voting NO to paying back billions to the loan sharks.


    The Anti Oligarch

  2. anonymous2010 Says:

    Hi David Noakes,

    I wrote a reply today on

    As you have written there since Feb 2010 I wondered whether you would see my question. Therefore I post it here also. Maybe you could answer within that site or to my email. I really am interested in getting to the truth. This was what I wrote:

    “You state that the queen signed 6 EU treaties giving away our sovereignty. You say that this is a known fact. How can it be a known fact without actually seeing the documentation. Could you point us in the direction of these documents? How do you know about them? A lot of what you say makes a lot of sense, but when you discuss documentary proof, I will be more willing to take you seriously if you SHOW the documents and not just ask us to take your “word for it” that they exist. I only listen to people I know and trust, but I do not know you so how can I trust someone I don’t know without the visible evidence.

    Please take me seriously! I am VERY interested in what you are saying but DO need to see the evidence first before I can believe you.”

    Indeed surely others are more likely to believe you if they can see the evidence with their own eyes.

    • David Noakes Says:

      I’m sorry, but this is bone idleness. With little effort you could have researched the 6 EU treaties yourself. They are part of our national law, part of our government, part of the United Kingdom, part of the EU. Put “EU treaties” into Google and you’ll get hosts of government web sites that give you the full text. Or go to the source, the EU itself, at You are part of the reason the EU is succeeding – your naivity is breathtaking.

      On my own website,, I include the entire government copy of the pdf of the Lisbon Treaty (293 pages and, as always, with all the signatories, including the Queen, named). There is a two page highlight summary to make you life easy. You didn’t even bother to read that.

      You deserve to suffer under this dictatorship.

  3. Anonymous2010 Says:

    Thanks for your reply,

    Please do not be suspicious of everybody. You are more likely to be taken more seriously if you treat inquirers with respect. I do not take too kindly to being insulted over a sincere inquiry.

    I have a large number of email contacts and a blogsite which is widely read, so I have access to a large number of people to give them important information. If what you are saying is true then I want to let them know the truth also.

    Having said that I would like to ask if you are referring to your pdf as follows:

    If so, could you please tell me what www address you found the document. I notice that your pdf does not show any signatures. How can I know for sure that this document has not been copied/pasted, edited and fabricated?

    If the document is genuine then it is VERY serious indeed, but my contacts will not take the document seriously without seeing the Queen’s signature or royal seal/stamp.

    I have done what you suggested and searched myself, but cannot find anything which will satisfy my contacts as actual “proof” or “evidence” which would stand up in a court of law, or even enough to convince as true. This is why I am looking to you (the expert) to help me put my report together. I certainly am convinced about Common Purpose having investigated them and found the conclusive evidence, but the Quuen signing over our sovereignty,hmmm

    • David Noakes Says:

      I’m sorry, yes, that is my url, but if you had read it you would realise it is not my .pdf. At the bottom it says:

      “Printed in the UK for The Stationery Office Limited on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty”

      It is the Governments, not mine. I told you to go to You didn”t. So go there, and go to

      You will see Lisbon Treaty 2/3 of a screen down, and click on “Full text” below.

      I’m sorry, but if you cannot do your own research, and won’t even do a Google search on “Lisbon treaty text”, you should not be advising other people through blogs or email, or be wasting my time.

      After 15 years I’m fed up with explaining obvious truths to people who are too stupid  to understand.

      You all deserve the punishment of the EU dictatorship, and the vicious police state it is so obviously building.

      Please don’t contact me again, I keep the web site up, but no longer fight the dictatorship. It looks unstoppable, and Its a hopless task.

      Good luck, and goodbye.

      David Noakes.

    • David Noakes Says:

      I did another Google search. Copies of all the signatures to Lisbon are at.

      But you must be 30 years behind the position on the ground.  You didn’t even notice your own nation had been abolished.

      I just don’t have time to educate you – you’re a full time job.

      The quickest thing you can do if you want to be brought up to date is to read the website.

      David Noakes.

  4. Mrs Williams Says:

    Having watched your interview with Theo Chalmers on Contraversial TV yesterday (and I think you said something about wanting a greater audience to this website), have you thought about having a Facebook page? Just a suggestion.

  5. Morgan Says:

    I just watched you on edge tv. A million people are needed and a celebrity such as the Who would benefit.

    Bob Geldof called for a million people to descend upon the Edinburgh G7 summit. 200,000+ showed and he was critisized by the police.

    I read his book, he is good, he met with Thatcher and argued with her.

    Last page of his book, “I will always rail against those things I abhor. I will always try and avoid the cant and hypocrisy I loathe so much. I will continue being an awkward bugger. But this can’t be it, there’s got to be other things I’m meant to do. What they are I don’t know yet.”

    Good website:



  6. Anti Oligarch Says:

    Hey Mr. David Noakes, I hear you’re tired and disappointed.
    Thank you for all you’ve done, I’ve watched all your videos I could find and read all I could find on your site and links and I can confirm that everything you warned humanity about is absolutely true and “hidden” in plain sight.
    The big majority of people are not able to wake up from the deep hypnosis they’ve been subjected to by media, schooling and officialdom.
    We’re all going to die.
    Most on the couch and a few out there doing our best for our children.
    Hoping to see and/or hear your fighting voice again soon.

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