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EU flights grounded for purely political reasons

19 April, 2010

Iceland volcanic ash cloud: a bogus excuse

Pilots and airline Directors are scratching their heads as to why EU airspace has been closed for no good reason.  Airline CEOs have been flying around in their 747’s wondering why there is absolutely no problem, and why the EU government doesn’t listen when they tell them the air’s lovely up here. Meanwhile, British Airways in particular is losing a million pounds an hour, and it cost the UK economy 1.5 billion in the first 4 days.

Aviation experts wonder why all flights are banned, when the ash cloud is all above 20,000 feet, superbly mapped, and pilots can fly around it – with far better information than they have to fly around thunderstorms every day.  So in the worst case a trip across the pond to the USA might involve staying below 20,000 ft for the first 500 miles, then climbing to 37,000 ft as usual.

Students of the Bilderbergers or the NWO, however, know exactly what it is.  It is NWO/EU military manoevres to see if they could shut down the airspace for 5 days as they did in the USA, when they used 9/11 as the excuse, adding a year to the recession there.

Closing airspace is deliberate sabotage of our economy by our corrupt governments, who are public enemy No.1.  It will take a little time for the military reasons to become obvious, but it has got the airlines used to accepting orders from the EU dictatorship, and the NWO now knows how many weeks it must shut our airspace for to destroy our economies completely, and has tested and proved it has the power to do so.

This test was necessary, because under our written British Constitution, the laws and edicts of the EU are illegal, so it needed to check that its illegal edicts were obeyed throughout the EU.

(And if you believe the British Constitution is unwrittten, you have fallen for a successful EU Frankfurt School subversion technique. See )

See this link for the confused bewlderment of airline CEO’s: