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The Gc MAF cancer cure

3 March, 2010

Do you know someone who would like to be involved?

There’s been a cancer cure since 1992; scores of scientists have worked on it and published their results, but the first was Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto in Philadelphia USA. There are now 48 research papers by 115 eminent scientists that state GcMAF eradicates early stage cancers by rebuilding the immune system, and with no side effects.

How does it work?

In a healthy person macrophages in our bloodstream scour our bodies and kill maligancies; they get the message to go on the attack from Gc MAF, which is converted from Gc Protein.

But malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that stops conversion of Gc protein to Gc MAF (Macrophage Activating Factor); so the macrophages never get the message to go into action – in this way cancer suppresses the immune system, and cancer cells grow unchecked.

The cure is to extract GcMAF from healthy blood; and replace the missing Gc-MAF in those that don’t have it by injecting it once a week for 22 weeks.

The problem for pharmaceutical companies is the only product they can sell here is blood, and they don’t own that (yet. Codex Alimentaris may give them that control.)  So no big organisations are interested. It seems the cure is so effective it would kill off the £200 billion a year cancer research conglomerates.  All those directorships would be gone.

They are looking at writing off the £300 billion spent on Cancer research (99% spent in the wrong direction) over the last 40 years, with no product at the end of it.  So Gc MAF is ignored by the big guys, whose interest seems limited to waiting for the EU’s Codex Alimentaris, or finding a way to patent Gc-MAF or its production. At the moment patenting doesn’t look possible.

Little organisations can’t do anything because they are ruthlessly controlled by regulations; enforced by the appallingly corrupt FDA in the USA, which licenses damaging billion dollar products from big pharma, but blocks inexpensive cures for ten years; and by government in England, that has innovating doctors, biochemists and oncologists scared stiff of being struck off. The medical profession is terrified even to do do trials.  Codex Alimentaris will seal the governments grip in every direction.   If I may precis from

“In the USA, the FDA has now made it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for any non-patentable drug/procedure to be approved, because they insist on multiple phases of clinical trials. It takes $800 million dollars (seriously) to accomplish this. This limits approval to drugs/procedures patented by large drug corporations.  Therefore, in it’s attempt to regulate, the FDA has essentially corrupted scientific medicine.”

GcMAF has been published by Reuters newsagency, and its on hundreds of websites. (Its like the Lisbon Treaty: the Queen signed it, but the media does not explain it means the democratic nation of Britain ceased to exist in 2009, and we are now ruled by the EU’s three unelected politburos.)

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The small print:

Activated macrophages  also reverse other diseases that attack the immune system, including bacterial infections, inflammation and viral diseases.

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