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The corruption of national and local democracy

25 November, 2009

The public know something is wrong: the courts now produce miscarriages of justice with monotonous regularity, the NHS appears to be attacked from within, and organisations as diverse as the General Osteopathic Council to the Women’s Institute appear to have been hijacked by charlatans.

The institution of the family is being attacked, particularly fathers, as are teachers. 4,500 children a year are brutally snatched for the trauma of forced adoption from good families by Social Services, while bad families are left to torture and kill their children. You can stand on 1,000 street corners in England and not hear a word of English.  Whichever party you vote for, your vote doesn’t make a difference, all parties seem to have the same agenda, and that agenda isn’t that of their own voters.

Control of the media
The Press and media highlight many of these symptoms, but studiously avoid the cause. A brand new Airbus A360 was incompetently destroyed on the ground by its Ethihad pilots on their arrival at Toulouse, but such is the government’s ruthless control of the media that the stunning, but embarrassing pictures are effortlessly kept out of all press and media except the internet, where Airbus employees posted them.

Yes, something is wrong, and probably at least a quarter of a million British people know what it is, but the media has successfully hidden it from 62 million.

Governement obviously does not represent us
So what has our government been up to and whom has it represented for the last three decades? It clearly does not have our best interests at heart. Instead of our wishes, it has ruthlessly implemented EU treaties, EU laws, 120,000 EU regulations, and the EU’s agenda. Our parties are obviously not controlled by us, the electorate, but by the European Union our government so obviously represents.

But the agenda doesn’t stop there. The first 3 paragraphs above contain some of the 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques which have been successfully implemented by the EU’s two sets of foot soldiers in England, one being the 40,000 Common Purpose “graduates”. For 20 years this organisation has also been destroying the NHS from within using the technique of continual change, to destroy the proven procedures and bring in nothing that works. For an excellent explanation, see

So whose agenda is it?
It is as difficult to get justice in our now utterly corrupt British courts, as it is to get a judge or barrister who isn’t a freemason. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are thirty third degree freemasons, and were therefore able to make it to the top level, becoming one of the 140 Bilderbergers, whose job it is to build the EU dictatorship.

All British Prime Ministers from Edward Heath onwards have been Bilderbergers, and all have signed EU treaties and implemented the EU’s agenda, not that of the voters. It is quite plain Westminster has long been a puppet government of the EU, but our controlled press won’t discuss it.

Since the end of the 1960’s at least eight Bilderbergers* have kept voting control of the Conservative party’s central committee and its policies. Labour and the Lib Dems have been EU controlled since1985.

UKIP and BNP members are neutralised by junior freemasons, who ruthlessly eject those who start anti-EU campaigns that could be a threat, allowing their two leaders, already bought and paid for by the EU gravy train, to posture gloriously with apparently hard hitting speeches that they comfortably know will go nowhere, because there will be no follow up.

Control at all levels of society
This picture goes right through our nation:  parts of Freemasonry and Common Purpose throw out, often ruthlessly, honest members to get voting control of public bodies and committees. It stretches from Parliament right through government, our Law Lords, the courts, the Crown Prosecution Service, senior police officers, the BBC, to Harbour Commissioners in our ports and to any body with upwards of 5,000 members that could be a threat. So even the Women’s Institute and the GOsC have had their members neutralised by the EU. Simply put, good leaders are being throw out at all levels of our society  and replaced by corrupt people who can be controlled.

The symbols of Freemasonry are openly satanic, as are it bloodcurdling oaths with which its initiates become more deeply entrapped as they go through the degrees. But all parties involved with this agenda tend also to be involved with the occult, paedophilia and homosexuality, the latter particularly among cabinet ministers. Not surprisingly; those who wish to destroy the majority’s way of life and freedom are unlikely to be similar to the majority.

Internationally the Freemasons and Bilderbergers are backed up by the Illuminati, a small but stunningly wealthy clique of mainly of bankers and politicians who coordinate the agenda globally, which is why the USA is experiencing a similar decline.  Both sides of the Atlantic are suffering from the recession they deliberately set in motion in 1999 by deregulating the banks to create the bubbles that have now predictably begun to burst.

The EU dictatorship could not be built with a strong Britain opposing it. Therefore Britain had to be destroyed economically, politically, socially and militarily. They’re about half way there.  That is why the 120,000 EU regulations are only enforced in Britain.

Over the last three decades perhaps 30,000 pro-EU people have been moved up into all positions of government power; anti-eu people are excluded; a majority of pro-EU MP’s of all parties were carefully selected with the party list system, which ensured the 138 majority for the sixth and final treaty abolishing our nation, the Lisbon Treaty, which our loyal German Queen (an Illuminati, Bilderberger, and head of Freemasonry) so gladly signed on the 19th June 2008, and which came into force on 1st January 2009.

A three tier politburo dictatorship
The Lisbon Treaty, if you read it, creates a three tier politburo dictatorship on the soviet model, with a sham Parliament initially in Brussels.

So it should be no surprise the Press didn’t tell you your nation no longer exists, and that Westminster signed away the final 20% of its power some time ago.

The EU dictatorship, its police state, and the poverty, oppression and war that dictatorships inevitably bring can be stopped; by a general strike, national civil disobedience (withholding the taxes government uses to destroy us), or national demonstrations. But every organisation that could organise it has already been neutralised.

David Noakes.


*1970’s Bilderbergers:
Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, (both also recruited by the DVD -Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Intelligence Department in 1958,) Alec Douglas Home, William Whitelaw, Reginald Maudling, Lord Carrington, Douglas Hurd, Keith Joseph and Cecil Parkinson.

Current Conservative Bilderbergers include Francis Maude, the real leader and, like Ken Clarke, apparently a DVD agent as well; David Cameron, George Osborne. Lib Dems: Nick Clegg.  Labour: Ed Balls, David Millliband (DVD too), Peter Mandleson, John Sainsbury, Philip Gould; Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. See for a full list.



Global warming scam – taxing us to support their bloated lifestyles.

25 November, 2009
400 years of global warming

The earth has been warming since the “Little Ice Age” of 1400-1860, when the Thames froze annually and cattle died, even in barns; and glaciers in Peru were 4 times today’s size.

Warming is expected to continue until we get up to the temperatures experienced in both the 1200’s and Roman times, when both Somerset and Holland were under water. In two hundred years they will be again, and it will have nothing to do with carbon emissions.

Linear warming, unaffected by man’s carbon

The graph trend is linear, it has not accelerated, even since 1945 when man began putting insignificant amount of carbon into the atmosphere.

The graph shows additional 60 year cycles superimposed on it; we began a decline in temperature in 1998 which is expected to last until nearly 2030. Ice sheets at the poles and in Greenland have been growing again this decade.

Global warming extortion for politicians

Politicians deliberately extrapolated the last 30 year rise up to 1998 linearly and called it Global Warming to justify taxing us even more to help finance their disgustingly bloated government lifestyles and waste, which in countries like Belgium and Britain cost the people around 2/3rds of the economy and prevented us from making poverty history: it kept the poor unnecessarily poor. They can give themselves and their friends £250,000 a year jobs on global warming quangos, lavish conferences, all at our expenses.

At this rate by 2100 the world will be 0.5 degrees warmer. Given the move away from democracy into big dictatorships which always cause war, nuclear wars will have a far greater effect on the earth’s temperature than global warming for the few who will be left, and who will probably fail to notice it.

The graph above represents the latest update; updates are usually made within the first week of every month.

Global cooling scientists are not allowed to tell the truth. So as the only way to get publicity for the facts, they are suing Al Gore, leader of the “Global Warming/ human Carbon Emissions gravy train” for consequential losses from his lying, because our government controlled media networks won’t let them publish the truth. that represent the piecing together of the temperature data from a total of eleven instruments flying on eleven different satellites over the years. As of 2008, our most stable instrument for this monitoring is the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU-A) flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite.

The warmest period in history, the Holocene Maximum, was 7500-4000 years ago. Ice ages occur every 100,000 years after a period of rising CO2; our C02 has been rising for 18,000 years (somewhat before 4 litre car engines), but is still historically very low. Industrialisation accounts for 0.28% of the world’s greenhouse gases (6 of 186 billion tons of carbon pa).